New Website

Hello folks and welcome to the all-new website shamelessly promoting my own fine self. 

It is certainly an improvement over the old one both in style and content. Gone are the gaudy pictures and cartoonish background of my old website and instead we have a sleek, consistent design with easy access to the relevant (and hopefully interesting) content, which brings me on to this blog. 

A good friend and colleague of mine told me that I was a good teacher, communicator and that I had a way with words. He said that aside from self-promotion I should be using social media and the internet to not only promote myself but also to give an account of the life and experiences of a professional focus puller. I said, "I'll think about it". Clearly I have and here we all are. 

My goal for this blog is not necessarily to constantly promote myself but to unpack and elaborate on thoughts that I might have fleetingly and nebulously formed while working on set. I'll share them with whomever will spend the time reading this and maybe a dialogue will ensue to the benefit or detriment of all or none.

Anyways, back to work. This focus won't pull itself.  

James L.